Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Love, God's Way

1 Corinthians 13:7 "Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance."(SLAB)

I must confess, this verse is for me.  I have a hard time loving like 1 Corn. 13:7.  My main problem is my expectations of myself and others is not in line with loving God's way.

I am hard on myself, but I am hard on those closest to me as well.  I am changing, by the grace of God, but I am still struggling.  The whole reason I chose CHANGE as my title for my blog, is because without changes, I would implode (burst or explode from within). 

My life was totally in utter ciaos. I was a wreck.

I begged for God to help me, and He did.  He loved me.  Then He put on my heart the answer.  "Robyn, you need to change.  I did not create you and not love you. Give yourself to me and let me transform (change) you into who I created you to be."

WOW! That seems like a simple enough request, but when strongholds and years of living in them have set up residence, it is not easy to let go of the familiar with the healthy.

God wants me healthy. Mentally, physically, and spiritually. But I needed to CHANGE

I long to be in God's will. So the journey began. Change began to happen. Within me I could feel my spirits lift. I could see answered prayers. God began His work in me.

This verse is so very important to my transformation because LOVE is the key.  Love yourself, love others, and love your Lord.  If I totally get what real LOVE is, then I will be Christ-like.... and that is the key.  But, I had to let it begin with my willingness to let go, and trust God to change me.

I read the Bible everyday, sometimes many times a day. I love the truths that God has revealed to me through His word. I pray and praise God. I fellowship with others, and ask them to pray for me. And God has begun a great transformation in me.

My desires, my hopes, my direction in life as changed. Only through Christ could this have happened. I owe him MY LIFE!  There was a time when I wanted my life to end on this earth, but God so loved ME, he healed my brokenness and restored my hope. 

I still have struggles with doubt, fear, and anxiousness. But, I know that I now have a purpose and a direction, and a Savior that will help me continue to be forever CHANGED

I told my son, "I bet you think I am a "Jesus Freak!"  He smiled.... You know what I AM! AND VERY PROUD OF IT! 

If God can change me............... and that is no easy task, he can change you into the person he wants you to be! 

"Love always believes the best of everyone"  Joyce Meyers on 1 Corn. 13:7

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