Monday, November 28, 2011

Creatures of habit

Whether it's food, sleep, extra activities... I'm a creature of habit.And not all my habits are productive.
I tend to overthink, over compensate, overreact, over indulge, over expose, over analyze, over infringe, over and over again.
Nighttime is my "write" time. Or should I say, the wee morning hours. I awaken somewhere between 2:30am and 3:00am and the routine begins.
Check the weather, check my email, check my facebook, read my bible, pray, read a commentary, read fellow bloggers posts.... Drink coffee.... Lots and lots of coffee...
Sometimes habits are not healthy, but this nightly ritual has proven to be very beneficial... I have found strength, inspiration, peace, the early morning hours.
I tell my friends and family, it's my God time.
What was the day before, and what is to come are reflected upon. An ending and a beginning. I like new beginnings. Fresh starts... Do overs... Second chances..

My life has been full of them.
In these hours I come to the core of what is important.... And it always come back to one central theme, thought, emotion.... Love.
Love is the foundation of who I long to be, what I long to reflect, who Christ is... Love.
It's what I believe in more than anything else... Love exist.
So, as bad, unproductive, unimportant, some of my habits are....this God time is one habit I don't want to break.


  1. Hey there Robyn, Thanks so much for posting on my blog today. I love your post here on your blog.
    If you share I would love your cheese ball recipe.

  2. I love cheeseballs and usually just do one with these ingredients:

    sharpe cheeder finely shredded -1 cup
    blue cheese crumbled- 1/4 cup (if you like BC... which I DO!)
    1 8oz cream cheese
    1 TB Worchestire
    1/4 cayenne pepper
    1 small onion or shallots
    1/2 tea. accent

    form in ball and roll in chopped sweet and spicy pecans (that is another recipe!) I'll post that next!

  3. amen! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. Stop by any time :-)

    Traci @ Ordinary Inspirations


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