Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Through Text and Facebook, the masses came to pray!

This past Sunday, a 17 yr. old young man was critically injured as a result of a freak hunting accident. He is a junior where my son attends high school. He is fighting for his life. His family is hurting now more than ever as they wait for news of his condition every moment,

every hour,

every second.....

waiting..... longing..... not knowing..... hoping...... praying.........

Within 2 hours of the news spreading about this tragedy, students, parents, friends, facebook buddies, and families began spreading the word to pray. Through this spreading of the word, a prayer vigil was set-up and within an hour the gym at the school was packed. Students had to stand along the walls and in the doorway, because there wasn't a seat left.

We hear a lot about how technology is destroying children, individuals, and families, but I can tell  you personally that I was never so proud to be a "techno-geek" Sunday night. Word spread like wildfire of the prayer vigil. Students and parents posted prayer request for this precious child on Facebook and by text.

Prayer works. I believe that.

Today, we lift up this child, this son, this brother, this friend to the only true healer, our LORD GOD. We ask that God's healing, comfort, and love be felt by him and his family and friends.

How Great is Our God,
sing with me,
How Great is Our God,
and all will see,
How Great, How Great is Our GOD.

* this chorus was sung at the prayer vigil Sunday night for Spencer Perkins............

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