Tuesday, August 24, 2010

In His Presence...

When was the last time you felt the presence of God?

God has spoken to my heart many times. I have been so blessed to have "heard" that still small (but powerful) voice. I know when HE speaks to me. But..... day to day, do I really feel God's presence? 

I began to really ponder this............. 
Is being a child of the Kingdom of God suppose to be an emotionally charged state? Or is it really an unexpected peace in the midst of the storm, a friend who calls at just the right time, a beautiful dawn that breaks over the horizon when you were feeling sad or lonely, a song that comes on the radio that speaks to your circumstance.....

Isn't God omnipresent? Isn't HE Always there....

Be strong, courageous, and firm; fear not nor be in terror before them, for it is the Lord your God Who goes with you;
He will not fail you or forsake you.
Deuteronomy 31:6 (Amplified Bible)

5Let your character or moral disposition be free from love of money [including greed, avarice, lust, and craving for earthly possessions] and be satisfied with your present [circumstances and with what you have]; for He [God] Himself has said, I will not in any way fail you, nor give you up, nor leave you without support. [I will] not in any degree leave you helpless
nor forsake nor [let you] down (relax My hold on you)! Assuredly not!
Hebrews 13:5 (Amplified Bible)

Whether "we" feel God's presence is ultimately UP TO US.   He doesn't MOVE.... we do.


  1. That's a great way to look at that. Great post!!

  2. Thanks Jason!

    I should added, reading a blog that touches your soul.....
    Love your blog.
    God bless!