Monday, August 23, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love

I was thinking about the new Movie out, "Eat, Pray, Love" and this past Sunday a speaker spoke of these things, but with a twist...

Eat= eat the Bible.   Be "filled" with God's word. Be hungry for it. Be nourished by it's truths.

Pray= It is the only way to communicate with God. I heard it once stated this way:

Think of ACTS
     A= affirm God's power and presence.
     C= confess sins
     T= thanksgiving, and praise
     S= pray for others and Self

Seemed like a great way to pray to me! I have prayed "ACTS" everyday since learning about it. And not only am I more focused on my prayers, I have more time to pray....because it comes natural. I am not trying to "think about what or who or whatever I need to pray about/for.... I just follow the steps of ACTS and begin.

Love= God's love is perfect.  When we align ourselves with Christ, He gives us the power to love.

This speaker also included Fellowship with believers. If you don't spend time with God's people, you can not know the fullness of his love. We need each other to lift us up and to hold us accountable. It is a bond that Christ formed here on this very earth..... when he called his people, "the church."

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