Wednesday, December 7, 2011

When you do Change...

A friend loveth at all times.... Proverbs 17:17
I've changed a lot in the past few years.... not because I wanted to, but because I had to....
I've learned from the mistakes of others, but mainly from my own mistakes....
I can't change the past, but I can totally change the future, my future.
Let me share this revelation.... it's simple, easy to remember and true.
I have shared my mantra over and over, "everyone has issues." People are going to hurt, be deceived, be let down, kicked around, saddened, lonely, burdened, frustrated..... because.... Everyone has issues. And since the fall of man, we will continue to have issues while we are on this earth.  [Gen. 2 & 3]
I get so blown away when someone tells me that I did something that I unknowingly or unintentionally did that hurt someone's feeling.  I want to raise my hands and say..
Really....(because I am in total shock)
What are you talking about?
Do you think I did that intentionally?
What, you think you have been a totally perfect friend.... ?
I want to "defend" myself. 
but......instead I say......I'm sorry.
Getting along with others is easy...... love them more than you love yourself.
I'm not perfect, unappreciative, or even mean, just for the sake of drama.  I don't need anymore drama... I've had enough for a lifetime.
I want earthly relationships, but I'm not going to be lashed out at, pushed around, bullied, bulldozed, and berated... because I did something that I absolutely did "unintentionally" and hurt their feelings. I have NO desire to ever cause hurt.
Either love me for who I AM, or don't. I am better off without trying to be a people pleaser. I am better off letting those hurt and devastated by my unintentional selfish cruel acts -off the hook.  Hey, here's your get out of the friendship free card....  You no longer are required to accept me for who I am... You've done your time befriending the pitiful, weak, woman that I was. Poor, thing.
I want a FRIEND to be a friend because of who I can become, not because of the devestating trials my life has had to endue. I don't want anyone's pity.
I want GRACE. I want someone to see me and realize, everybody has issues... and what people do or don't do, just forgive, extend the hand of mercy. LOVE.
Thank God, so many haven't had to experience even ONE of my life's trials on this 46 year journey.
You want to know real drop to your knees hurt, brokenness, defeat... just ask me to share....
Don't be numb to the pain of others... don't be petty.... love one another, forgive one another, look inside your own heart....Have you ever neglected by default, unintentionally said something that hurt another's feelings, or unknowingly upset someone else???



  1. Robin, So much insight & a timely throwing down of the gauntlet for us all. Thanks for you openess and friendship.


  2. Thank you Mr. Sammy!!!

    You and Lucy are so inspirational to me and have been a tremendous support.

    God's GRACE to you!

  3. Picking up what you're putting down sista !
    Nick Cannady