Sunday, February 20, 2011


I was looking back over pictures I took on a camera I had misplaced years ago and I noticed some thing...

Our family has gone through a very trying time. Families can hurt, and families can heal...

What makes the laughter fade?


Life can be so overwhelmingly stressful sometimes that we just take things...everything too seriously......and we forget to laugh.

Most of the times I write a post, I write about how Christ has helped lead me through this journey called... life. This post is a little different..

My life with my Lord is personal and and Him.

My family is made up of just three.
Small number, but we had a great time together. We laughed.... a lot!

Somewhere along this journey of life, we forgot to laugh. Truly belt out in pure enjoyment of a family.

I know laughter is the best medicine and we are in need of a transfusion.... a hearty dose of the giggles.

Just realizing how much laughter radiated from us, made me long to hear that sound again.

Pictures speak a thousands words, it is said....
And looking through old photos brought back a million laughs. It is a wonderful sound....of happy times...of a family.

So, I guess it's not too late to name a New Years resolution, since I didn't make one......

I want this year's pictures to be filled with laughter. Happy times. Joyful sounds that will echo through the years to come.

*** This commercial cracks me up.....every time!
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