Sunday, December 26, 2010

Aftermath of Christmas

The feelings of excitement and anticipation seem to quickly fade after Christmas. After the gifts are opened, the meal is eaten and the love returns to normal....
I'd rather my normal be filled with excitement, anticipation, and love every day of my life..not just on Christmas.

How can I accomplish this?

As I did during the holidays...thinking of others, sharing, and spending time with family and friends.

Most importantly, being grateful for my Savior. Remembering the source of all hope... Jesus Christ.

God has blessed me so much throughout my life. I have had bad situations as well, but when I focus on the negative I'm stealing my own joy. when I focus on the positive, and acknowledge them as blessings, I have peace, hope and joy.

Not to say that maintaining a positive attitude is easy, because it is not...some days it just seems impossible.

But, when I talk to God, when I read his Word...I change. My heart changes. My attitude changes.
I can't change the nature I was born with without Christ. Will I be negative, sure...I'm human. Will I be sad, sure I'm human..

But:.......I know who to look towards to help me through those times.

As Christmas ends, and the New Year begins, I am challenging myself to be more focused on Christ, others and the positive...and cast negativity aside. This is my challenge to myself...but I hope its affects are far reaching.

2 Timothy 1:7
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