Friday, May 27, 2011

My Robin with an i....

If you have ever had a friend who inspired you to be more than you ever thought you could be, ..............consider yourself to be blessed.

I have a dear, precious friend..... to me known as Robin with an i.

Twenty years ago in college, I was sitting in Dr. "DON's  Western Civ. lecture,  and I looked across the room and saw this "classy" lady with long, full... (okay it was big) blonde hair, dressed to the max. At that very moment,  she looked back at me and smiled. That was it. The bond was made. Friends.

And we have been friends ever since.  Through thick and thin. Through marriage, college, babies, dogs, and careers...... our friendship has grown into something unique and beautiful.

We instantly became known to many as "the Robins"  Robin with an i, and Robyn with a y. But everyone who was ever around us very long knew............ we were friends. We have bared our souls, cried rivers, knee slapped, belly laughed til our sides hurt, listened, consoled, hugged, and supported each other through each other's life journey.

She has been a source of strength and inspiration to me, a constant in my life, when other things were not so constant.
The qualities that she reflects in her day to day life, have made her a lady of integrity and honor. She is what many would call a "class act!"
Family, they say "you are born to go through life with", and friends, "you chose to go through life with"........ and I am glad to have a "Robin with an i" to be there on my journey and to allow me to share in hers.

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