Thursday, July 1, 2010

Be My Guest....

I follow several bloggers. Many have inspired and encouraged me when they haven't even known it. That is why I blog. To share with others that life is a journey. Never dull, never without hardships, but always better with Jesus Christ. I have found that these people share their real lives.... not perfect lives. They also share their FAITH in the one true GOD! So..... with that said........

Here's Debbie Feller!

Hi Robyn! God bless you and thanks for your post on waiting today. Something we all have to do! And, as God so often does, it just so happened to be apart of my post today at If Today We Hear ! Here's the simple poem . . .

Only Temporary

Waiting can pull me apart

or at least stretch me out thin

play games with my mind

until I begin

to think this is it,

there simple isn't more -

then You shout, "Let's move out!

What are you waiting for?"

I'm a believer in Jesus, a wife, a mom of two wonderful daughters and one son-in-law. My youngest daughter has special needs and requires 24/7 care, so that is what I am blessed to do! :) God seems to give me little poems or verses and after a year of writing them down everyday, I thought He wanted me to share them in some way. And so the blog was started!
Thank you, Debbie! Your blog is so encouraging and uplifting! I love the devotional style of your site. God bless you and your ministry as you continue to "do a good thing!" 
Here is the link again to Debbie's website:  IF TODAY WE HEAR

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